Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Career Day 365?


    Besides awesome, you mean?

    Career Day 365 is a career-readiness nonprofit that connects professionals with students for the purposes of career mentoring primarily through mobile and web technologies. Students are provided safe online access to professionals’ profiles, allowing students to search and view unique career journeys and ask specific questions in an access-controlled environment.

    Our goal is to provide broader access to professional networks in order to give more career insights, options, and information to students who otherwise would only receive career advice from sources such as web articles, print sources, or a small number of individuals.

    Our mission is to bridge the information gap that typically exists between professionals and students. Career Day 365 increases the likelihood that our students will be the next generation of productive and successful leaders within their communities and chosen professions. Today's career professionals hold the keys to success that can provide many right paths for students seeking career advice.

  • What is your corporate structure?


    If you want to get technical about it: Career Day 365 is a nonprofit organization that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • What is your Tax ID number?


    Oh, you want our digits? 47-5249266

  • Who are your mentors?


    A superhero should never reveal … oh ok, fine. We’ll tell you. Currently, our mentors (i.e., professionals) are alumni and students of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. To join us as a mentor, go to our professional sign-up page.

    Companies are also welcome to use Career Day 365 as a volunteering platform for their employees. To enroll your company, please contact us here.

  • Who are your students?


    The force is strong with these kids. Our students are young people who are driven and curious about their professional options and potential opportunities. They come from various high schools, colleges, and nonprofit organizations. Each student who joins our program must have an educator as a sponsor to enroll. To join us as a student, go to our student sign-up page.

  • Why should I use Career Day 365?


    A better question would be: why shouldn’t you use Career Day 365?

    Career Day 365 provides an ecosystem of curious students and compassionate professionals, and we designed our system to keep everyone engaged through high-value activities and conversations.

    Students can receive real, genuine advice from professionals anytime and anywhere.

    Professionals have a quick and convenient way to volunteer their time and give back.

    Educators can provide an easy-to-use career-readiness resource to their students.

  • How much time do I need to commit?


    Don’t worry … not enough that you’ll need to be committed.

    • Professionals: It’s totally up to you. With our online platform design, you can set your level of commitment based on the amount of time that you’re able to volunteer. For example, you can regularly share ideas, post, and answer questions about your journey and help many students using a broader mentoring approach, with very little commitment. You can also take a more personalized approach and mentor students one-on-one. Even then, we really don’t ask much: just that you set aside 20 minutes per week to communicate with each of your personal mentees.

    • Students: We recommend that students spend at least one hour per week on Career Day 365 to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from professionals in their fields of interest. Students should regularly ask questions and engage other students and professionals to stay current on new trends and ideas.

  • How are students matched with professionals?


    We tried the Magic 8 ball, but ultimately decided to go with a more technical approach. After students take an assessment identifying their interests, professionals and students are matched based on students’ career interests and other information provided by the users

  • Is my interaction on Career Day 365 private?


    Well, we’re not in the habit of skywriting your conversations, but, at the same time, we currently do not allow private conversations among professionals and students.

    However, students do have control over their privacy options to determine which members of the community can view their interactions.

  • How else can I help?


    There are a lot of ways you can help. Pick one. Or a few.

    • Spread the word about Career Day 365! The more quality professionals and students we have, the more students we can help find their true career callings.

    • Make a donation. We are a nonprofit running on lots of love from our founders and mentors. Please help us reach more students by making a tax-deductible donation.

    • Become a mentor and give the most important thing: your wealth of expertise.

    • Sign your company up to allow your employees to mentor. Contact us here.